“Cempaka completely understood the look I was going for and she adapted so easily to the make up preference that I liked. I am so happy to have found her. She was so kind as well. Thank you so much for making me look amazing on my wedding day!”

Amity, @aamity

“Cempaka is very talented and thank you for comforting me when I am stressed. I loved the result, same as all my guests. Wish her all the best in her career.”

Yasaman, @yasamandavachi

“I was astonished by how good she made me look. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on my make up for my brother’s wedding.”

Paula, @paula_ola

“Everybody at the wedding loved how beautiful I looked with my natural dewy korean look. Thank you so much, Cempaka. “

Jessa Ann Gomez, @travelsofanoldsoul

“Thank you for enhancing everything about my face, making me look like myself on my wedding day”

Novi, @novitush

“So in love with her work!”

Grandis, @grandisbrendy


Enytha Sutedja, @enythasutedja

“Truly amazed by the result. Thank you Cempaka <3”

Amydhea Garnetta, @amydhea

“Thank you for the make up on my wedding day. Cempaka did a good job.”

Sophie, @bilbyelf

“Hal paling krusial adalah milih MUA. Akhirnya pilih Cempaka karena bisa make up tanned skin, terlihat natural dan glowing. Orangnya ramah dan baik banget, super on time!”

Kadek Arini, @kadekarini